What to Expect from a Photo Booth Hire Service


Photo booth hire services are offering more and more options and features and services all the time. What you would get from such services five or ten years ago has changed drastically since then. So you may not realize all the features and services that come as standard now, and you may not realize all the options that are open to you. Here are some of the basic services that most photo booth hire companies will offer as standard or as an optional extra. If you’re organizing a social event, photo booth hire melbourne is great for people in that area, so you should probably check out this link.

Booth Attendee

If operating a photo booth seems like it might be too complicated for you or your guests, you don’t have to worry. Most booth hire companies offer an operator as standard for every booth they rent out. This is a trained professional (usually in uniform) who stand by the booth and answers any questions people may have. They also assist people as they try to figure out how to take pictures, and they ensure that the booth functions properly during the entire event. They are also partially responsible for unloading, setting up and loading up the booth for the event.

If you have any concerns about being able to have the booth work flawlessly throughout the night or that your guests might be confused by the booth and its controls, then just ask about this service. The odds are quite good that it is a service that they offer.

Decoration and Branding

Wedding-party-photo-booth-devon-008You may be worried that your booth will be an eyesore and really stick out at the event you are hosting. You may be worried about the colour the booth will be and if it will seem out of place with all the decorations you have planned. But there is no need to fear as many booth hire services offer decoration and branding as optional services.

They will take whatever materials you give them as instructions to decorate and use them to make booths that fit right in. If you want a booth that proudly displays your company’s logo or corporate message they can brand the booth for you to match. And if you want the booth to have colourful cartoon characters all over it for a birthday party or kid’s event, then they can probably do that too.

This kind of service is fairly common among booth hire companies, so if you have a particular way that you want the booth to look, odds are that the company can make it happen for you.

Printing Packages

newhomeFinal2012You can also have the photos printed out the way you want. You can usually set how many photos you want to print out of the booth. So if you know how many guests you will have, you can plan ahead and let them know how many pictures they are allotted to print out. Or you can go with an unlimited photo package that lets you never run out of prints.

Or if you want to save some money, you can opt to have nothing print out and just have it all saved on a flash drive. There are a lot of different ways you can set up the print package, and most companies offer several that work with different budgets and needs.